When was the last time you wrote a letter, a note, or sent a postcard? Ya’ know the paper kind. Probably not in a while, huh? Notes are becoming more sentimental these days, especially with all of us using technology every few minutes. Suddenly we are more aware of the intimacy of pen to paper and how a simple thank you card can reset the tone of our day.  

My mom left the earth in February 2012, on an ordinary Tuesday. She left me with wonderful memories and a lot of questions like why she didn’t like cilantro or why she never wore the red bra I bought from a fancy New York boutique during a business trip? Was it too racy or too small? I will never know the answers, she didn’t keep a journal or leave notes or many photos. I wish she had, I would love to know her viewpoint on world events and to see her handwriting once again. 

The one thing I know for sure is, mommin’ ain’t easy, I am a busy mom too. But I needed to do something…anything to help my son learn about himself, me and our story together. So I created The Wishing Journal:52 wishes & thoughts from a mother to her child. A simple guided journal that doesn’t take a bunch of stickers and slick photos, instead just a few lines once a week.

And then I created CleverGirl Press to empower women to record their own stories. I want to empower the writer to shape the narrative in their lives and help them say I love you in their own language. In this shop you will find quirky fun notebooks, guided journals, postcards and more.

Join me on Wednesdays on Instagram for ideas on what to write. Be sure to use the tag #writeonwriteon and let us know what and who you are writing.

All the best,